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The Unf*ckening (TikTok Live)

Ten to fifteen cards plus 2 Oracle Cards

Unpack complex matters into digestible pieces

Simplify and gain profound understanding

Discover the interconnection of different aspects of your life

Readings can ONLY be claimed within a tiktok live stream dedicated to tarot readings.

Please note any questions relating to legal, health, fertility, or mediumship will not be answered.

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What aspect of your life or specific area would you like guidance on during the reading? Please choose one focus that resonates the most.

Love and relationships Career and work Personal growth and self-love Spirituality and inner development Other (please specify in your question)

Please provide a specific question or area of focus for the reading. Being as clear and concise as possible will help me provide you with the most accurate and meaningful insights.

Would you like to include additional oracle cards in your reading? Oracle cards offer further guidance and clarity. Choose the number of additional Oracle cards you would like.

No oracle One oracle +£3. 00 Two oracles +£6. 00 Three oracles +£8. 00 Four oracles +£9. 00 Five oracles +£10. 00

Enhance your reading experience with a digital reflection journal. It provides a space for you to document your thoughts, insights, and reflections on the reading.

Digital reflection journal including picture of cards +£2. 00 Digital reflection journal including picture of cards and text summary +£15. 00 No thanks

Capture the essence of your reading with a recording. Choose your preferred format.

Audio recording of the reading +£5. 00 Video recording of the reading +£10. 00 No thanks

I’m curious to know about your prior experience with tarot readings. This helps me tailor the reading to your needs and provide appropriate guidance.

I've had a tarot reading with you before. I've had a tarot reading with another reader. I'm new to tarot readings.

I’d love to know how you discovered my tarot readings. Your answer will help me understand which platforms or channels are most effective in reaching my audience.

Referral (please let me know who referred you below) Business card/flyer Google Yell Tiktok Instagram Other social media (please specify below) Other (please specify below)
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