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Break Free from Spiritual Stagnation with an Authentic Tarot Reading in Monton

Embrace the Power of Tarot, Without the BS

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Remarkable Clarity

Authentic Connection

Unleash Transformation

Embrace the Power of an In-Person Tarot Reading in Monton with Gord

Discover the extraordinary experience of an in-person Tarot reading in Monton. I’m Gord, your experienced and intuitive Tarot reader, ready to guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery. Whether from the comfort of my home near MediaCity in Salford City Centre, the vibrant ambiance of a cafe in Manchester City Centre, or the serene environment of Transcend Studio, together we’ll unveil the truths within the cards. Book your reading now and step into the realm of transformative insights with me, Gord.

Forge a personal connection that breathes life into your Tarot experience. Immerse yourself in the energy of the moment as we explore the depths of your questions and aspirations. Together, we create an environment of trust and support, where your voice is heard, and your journey is honoured. Embrace the power of human connection and embark on a Tarot reading that resonates with your soul.

Uncover the enchantment of the tangible. Feel the cards come alive in your hands and witness the magic unfold before your eyes. In our sacred space, let the layers of meaning unfurl, guided by intuition and shared wisdom. This is your invitation to embrace the authenticity and depth of an in-person Tarot reading in Monton. Click the buttons below to choose your session and embark on a transformative journey today.

Find Authentic Tarot Readings Across Manchester

A Personalised Tarot Experience near MediaCity

Venture into my specialised Tarot sanctuary nestled close to MediaCity in the heart of Salford City Centre. Designed specifically for individuals who value discretion and a deeply concentrated Tarot session, this space offers an escape from the city’s usual commotion, allowing for a tranquil connection with the cards.

Experience Tarot Amidst the Buzz of Manchester’s Cafes

If the lively ambiance of Manchester City Centre resonates more with your spirit, join me for a unique Tarot reading in one of its charming cafes. As the cards unfold their mysteries, you can relish a freshly brewed drink. This combination ensures an atmospheric setting conducive for an introspective exploration into the Tarot realm.

Seek Enlightenment at the Peaceful Transcend Studio in Eccles

Transcend Studio in Eccles, Salford stands as a beacon for those on a quest for clarity and a deeper connection to their inner selves. As you step into this haven, you’re greeted by a soothing environment that enhances the Tarot experience. Reserve your spot and let the cards narrate their intricate tales amidst an aura of tranquility.

Unveiling the Reading Room: Drop in for a Tarot Reading in Monton

Are you in search of authentic drop-in tarot readings in Monton? Look no further than the Reading Room at Transcend Studios. Every Saturday, from 11 am to 4 pm (last drop-in appointment at 3:30 pm), you can immerse yourself in the magic of Tarot without the hassle of making an appointment. Simply show up and let the cards reveal their wisdom.

At the Reading Room, our team of skilled Tarot readers, including myself appearing once every six weeks, is ready to offer their unique insights. Choose from our tailored reading options, designed to cut through the bullshit and provide you with the clarity you seek:

Cut the Bullshit (£15) – 15 minutes

  • Three cards for a concise answer
  • Swiftly get to the heart of the matter

Get Your Shit Together (£30) – 30 minutes

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Discover clarity and insight in just a few cards

Balls to the Wall Reading (£45) – 45 minutes

  • Delve into a detailed analysis
  • Explore with more card cards focusing on relationships, careers, or specific situations
  • Gain a profound understanding of your circumstances and potential outcomes

In the Reading Room, each week brings a fresh perspective as different Tarot readers take their place, offering diverse interpretations and illuminating your path. Contact me to find out when I’ll be present in the Reading Room next, adding my own touch to your Tarot experience.

As a dedicated Tarot reader in Monton, my commitment is to deliver accurate and insightful readings that empower you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity. Visit the Reading Room today for a drop-in Tarot reading that will uncover the answers you seek!

Book Me for Private Events and Special Occasions in Monton

Are you seeking an extraordinary touch for your next special event or private gathering? Look no further! As a seasoned tarot reader, I’m here to bring a dash of enchantment to your corporate events, birthdays, hen parties, and more in Monton and beyond. Let’s make your occasion truly unforgettable.

I thrive in the vibrant atmosphere of local psychic and spiritual markets. If you’re organizing one of these captivating events, reach out to me for an engaging and insightful presence that will elevate the experience for attendees. Together, we can create an atmosphere of wonder and discovery.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Book a 15-minute discovery call with me to discuss your unique event requirements, tailor-made to suit your needs. Let’s delve into the details and ensure that every moment is infused with Tarot magic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot Readings in Monton

What kind of tarot readings are available in Monton, and how much do they cost?

I offer tarot reading services from my home and at various cafes in Manchester, in addition to Transcend Studios in Eccles. If you’re looking for a tarot reading in Monton, you can choose from a variety of readings tailored to your needs. You can schedule private readings with me in advance or join me for walk-in sessions at my reading space in Transcend Studios.

Private Readings at My Home, Manchester Cafes, or Transcend Studios

The Get Your Shit Together Reading (£30): Perfect for newcomers!

Duration: 30 minutes | Cards: 3-5

This reading helps to clarify any situation, offering insight with just a few cards. An ideal starting point to address life’s challenges.

The Balls to the Wall Reading (£45): Dive deep into specific topics!

Duration: 45 minutes | Cards: 6-9 plus 1 Oracle Card

Designed for a more detailed analysis, focusing on relationships, career, or other unique situations. Achieve a deeper understanding and explore potential results.

The Unfuckening Reading (£60): Detailed guidance for intricate issues!

Duration: 1 hour | Cards: 10-15 plus 2 Oracle Cards

Address and simplify even the most complicated concerns with this comprehensive reading. Delve into a variety of cards to gain insights and find your way forward.

Drop-In Sessions at Transcend Studios

Enjoy impromptu readings without the need for an appointment:

The Cut The Bullshit Reading (£15): Direct answers in no time!

Duration: 15 minutes | Cards: 3

This reading gets straight to the heart of the matter with three cards. Receive straightforward guidance without the extras.

The Get Your Shit Together Reading (£30): Ideal for those new to tarot!

Duration: 30 minutes | Cards: 3-5

This reading provides clarity and insight in a short time, helping you understand a situation better.

The Balls to the Wall Reading (£45): Delve into specifics!

Duration: 45 minutes | Cards: 6-9

Focusing on particular areas like relationships or career, this reading offers detailed insights.

Choose the reading that speaks to you and begin your transformative journey. To arrange a private reading, contact me directly. Or, visit the reading room in Transcend Studios for a fulfilling session.

Remember, the cards have the wisdom you’re searching for. Let’s discover it together!

How do I book a tarot reading with you in Monton?

Booking a tarot reading with me is easy! You can book online through the link provided above.

If you prefer a drop-in reading, you can visit the Reading Room in Transcend every Saturday, between 11 am to 4 pm, (last drop-in appointment is at 3.30 pm). No appointment is necessary, just turn up! If you want to know when I’ll be there check my Instagram and TikTok for updates.

What can I expect during a tarot reading with you, and how long does it last?

During a tarot reading with me, we embark on a captivating journey through the cards, delving into your unique question or situation. Get ready for an honest and no-nonsense exploration that aims to provide you with straightforward guidance during challenging or uncertain times in life.

Each reading experience is tailored to your needs and preferences. The duration of the reading depends on the level of depth you desire, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you:

  1. Cut the Bullshit Reading (15 minutes): Available exclusively in the reading room, this swift and focused reading delivers short and sweet answers using just three powerful cards. Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter, leaving no room for unnecessary fluff.
  2. Get Your Shit Together Reading (30 minutes): Perfect for beginners or those seeking clarity, this reading encompasses 3-5 cards. Gain valuable insights and a clearer perspective within a concise timeframe, helping you navigate your path forward.
  3. Balls to the Wall Reading (45 minutes): For those who desire a more in-depth analysis, this reading features 6-9 cards dedicated to relationships, career, or specific situations. Gain profound understanding and explore potential outcomes, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  4. Unfuckening Reading (1 hour): Delve deep into the mysteries of the tarot with this extended session. Explore complex aspects of your life and receive comprehensive guidance through an expansive spread of cards. Uncover profound insights and embrace transformation.

Choose the reading that resonates with you, and together, we’ll unlock the secrets and unveil the wisdom that the tarot holds. Let’s embark on this transformative journey and find the answers you seek.

Note: The Cut the Bullshit Reading is exclusively available in the reading room, while other readings can be scheduled for in-person or online sessions.

Remember, the duration of each reading is approximate and may vary based on individual circumstances. Rest assured, I’m dedicated to providing you with a personal and meaningful tarot experience.

Can I book you for a private event or a special occasion?

Absolutely! Whether it’s a corporate gathering, birthday celebration, or a lively hen party, I’ve got you covered. Let’s connect and discuss your unique requirements, and together, we’ll create an extraordinary experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Ensure your event is infused with the magic of tarot as I bring my down-to-earth approach to provide engaging and insightful readings. No matter the occasion, I’ll tailor my services to meet your specific needs, ensuring an unforgettable and authentic tarot experience that will resonate with your guests.

So, let’s make your private event or special occasion truly remarkable. Reach out to me today, and let’s dive into the details together. It’s time to infuse your gathering with the transformative power of a tarot reading in Monton!

In which locations do you provide in-person tarot readings?

I am thrilled to offer tarot readings from various locations near Monton, making it convenient for everyone. You can find me:

  1. Near MediaCity in Salford City Centre.
  2. At cozy cafes in Manchester City Centre.
  3. Transcend Studios in Eccles.

Whether you reside in Manchester City Centre, Ancoats, Northern QuarterEccles, Salford, Trafford, Barton-upon-Irwell, Cadishead, Irlam, Monton, Patricroft, Peel Green, Pendlebury, Worsley, SwintonTrafford Park, or any of the surrounding areas, my services are available to you.

Regardless of your location within or near Manchester, I am dedicated to providing insightful tarot readings to guide you on your personal journey. To learn more about scheduling an in-person tarot reading, please feel free to contact me directly.

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