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Tarot Journal (Digital)


Tarot, the 15th century card game, allows players to gain personal and spiritual insight on one’s current or upcoming spectacles whilst presenting potential pathways towards success. 

Watch your tarot readings grow and relay your thoughts, possibilities and strengths with the Watchful Soul Tarot Journal. This book is the perfect tool to help decipher options and grow your tarot reading abilities whilst giving the unique opportunity to track your reading abilities and progression in your spiritual journey as well as look back and reflect on old readings like a digital spiritual scrapbook. It’s an amazing addition to any tarot reader’s possession, whether you are a novice or a professional.

Whatever the question you are seeking guidance with, the tarot journal can accommodate with spacing for questions, spread layouts, date and time, deck used and more!

Other amazing features in this Tarot journal include:

  • High quality PDF format, compatible with variety of digital note taking applications
  • Space to map out different spreads and potential meanings.
  • Compatible with all tarot decks and reading types.
  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.


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