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Gain Insights and Fresh Perspectives with My Tarot Readings

In-person Readings in Manchester, UK, Live Video Readings Online Worldwide, and Recorded Readings
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Unveiling Clarity and Empowering Insights

A Different Approach to Tarot Readings

Are you feeling lost in a sea of uncertainty? Are you tired of traditional approaches that leave you even more confused? I understand the frustration that comes with spiritual stagnancy and the search for authentic guidance.

Perhaps you’ve encountered tarot readers who simply tell you what you want to hear, leaving you without genuine insights. Or maybe you’ve experienced overwhelming encounters with mediums or spirit guides that triggered more confusion than clarity. It’s time for a different approach, one that cuts through the noise and provides you with no-nonsense guidance.

Welcome to my grounded and authentic approach to tarot readings. I’m here to offer you a transformative experience that focuses on the present moment. By unveiling the hidden truths within the cards, I provide you with the tools to navigate your path with clarity and purpose.

what kind of tarot readings are best for me?

Unsure of which tarot reading is right for you? I offer three levels of readings – choose a quick 3-card spread or a more in-depth 10-card spread, depending on how much time you have and how in-depth you want your reading to be.

Direct | watchful soul

Three to Five cards

Perfect if you’re new to tarot readings!

Cut through the noise and gain remarkable clarity and insight in just a few cards!

Deepdive | watchful soul

Six to Nine Cards

Get ready to dive deep into your relationships, career, or any specific situation

Receive straightforward, actionable steps to fuel your journey with confidence

Detailed | watchful soul

Ten to Fifteen cards

Unpack and simplify even the most complex matters into digestible pieces

Gain a profound understanding of how different aspects of your life intertwine

Unveil the Mysteries in Person

Personalized Tarot Experiences at Transcend Studios

There’s something magical about connecting in person, where energies intertwine and sacred spaces come alive. My in-person tarot readings offer a unique and intimate experience, allowing us to delve deeper into the mysteries that surround you.

During our in-person session at Transcend Studios in Manchester, UK, you can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for profound revelations. With my down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach, we’ll explore the cards together, unlocking hidden insights and empowering you on your spiritual journey.

Ready to immerse yourself in the transformative power of an in-person tarot reading? Take the first step towards clarity and connection by clicking the button below to book your session at Transcend Studios. Let’s embark on a personal tarot experience that goes beyond words and touches the depths of your soul.

Tarot readings and meditations with gord
Online tarot readings

Connect Across Boundaries

Powerful Tarot Insights in the Comfort of Your Own Space

Break free from geographical constraints and experience the profound wisdom of Tarot through live video readings. With this modern approach, I bring the magic of Tarot directly to you, no matter where you are in the world. Distance is no longer a barrier to receiving transformative guidance.

During our live video session, conducted through Zoom, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a virtual connection while still benefiting from a deeply personal experience. I’ll tune into the energies surrounding you, shuffle the cards with intention, and unveil the messages that await you. It’s an immersive and engaging way to explore the Tarot, all from the comfort of your own sacred space.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative Tarot journey from the convenience of your own space? Click the button below to schedule your live video reading. Let’s transcend physical boundaries and dive into the depths of your soul, unlocking the insights and guidance you seek.

Tarot at Your Fingertips

Personalised Readings for On-Demand Guidance

Imagine having the wisdom of the Tarot available to you whenever and wherever you need it. With my recorded readings, you can access profound insights and guidance at your fingertips. Whether you prefer audio or video, these personalised readings offer a convenient and flexible way to dive deep into your questions and uncover hidden truths.

When you choose a recorded reading, you’ll receive a bespoke session crafted specifically for you. Each reading is infused with my intuitive energy and meticulous attention to detail. Whether you prefer the soothing voice of an audio reading or the visual experience of a video reading, you’ll find clarity and guidance that speaks directly to your soul.

Ready to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery? Click the button below to book your recorded reading. Let the Tarot be your trusted companion, offering timeless wisdom and transformative insights at your own pace and convenience.

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What People Have Said

Gord is such a wonderful and insightful reader. I felt safe in their presence and I will definitely be back for another reading soon.


5 stars | watchful soul

I was really pleased with the reading from Gord, explained everything and gave support throughout. Shall definitely come back 🙂


5 stars | watchful soul

Thank you so much for the reading, it was really accurate and now I know what to do to push forward and not get dragged into my past. Thank you so much, Gord.


5 stars | watchful soul


wtf is tarot?

Tarot is a system of 78 cards, dating back to the 14th century, that has been used for centuries for divination and cartomancy. But more than that, it’s a tool for understanding yourself, gaining insight into situations, and navigating the turbulent waters of life. The power of tarot comes not from the cards themselves, for their origins lie in simple playing cards. Rather, the power comes from the act of the person reading the cards connecting with their intuition. Each card represents a perspective, a stage in life, or an archetype, and can provide a mirror for us to see ourselves or our situations in a fresh light. Learn more.

so… are you a medium or something?

No, I’m not. Some tarot readers may claim to be able to communicate with those that have passed or offer mediumship readings, but that is not where my gifts lie. I aim to interpret the meaning of the cards in a way that enables you to explore your inner feelings and discover your future path. I am very intuitive thanks to my spiritual upbringing and meditation practice, but I am not a medium… sorry!

isn’t tarot evil or satanic or something?

Certainly not. There’s nothing to fear when getting a tarot reading (not with me anyway). Tarot is a tool, like meditation that we will use to help you find some clarity in your life. I won’t be inviting any spirits or ghosts or demons. Just me, you and some cards with nice pictures on them.

ok, i’m interested… but what should i expect?

If you’ve never been to an intuitive tarot reader or online psychic, then it’s understandable to be nervous. We’ll start with a quick introduction where I’ll explain how the spread you’ve chosen will work, which deck we’re using, etc. I will then pull the cards, and give you my interpretation and reflection, seeing what messages come up. I usually end with a meditation. I try to make things as light as possible, sometimes things get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

can you do your own tarot reading?

Yes! Absolutely, reading tarot for yourself is a fantastic way to keep your mental and spiritual life in check. If you’d like information about how to read tarot for yourself, check out my book Totally Tarotastic.

should i believe tiktok tarot readings?

A simple look on the TikTok tarot reading Reddit will tell you that there is a lot of controversy around tarot on TikTok. With any readings, I always say judge things with your own intuition. If something resonates, then absolutely take that on board and use the information the cards provide to transform your life. However, if it doesn’t feel like it’s fitting, don’t force things. No reader gets it right 100% of the time!

are you jesus?

I am who you say I am…

But, obviously no. A lot of people seem to ask me this, I’m not quite sure why as I’m pretty sure I look NOTHING like a first-century Palestinian man… I hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking for a Messiah or God to worship, I’m not the one for you – sorry! (You can still tithe to me if you like though, I have no issue with that. Head over to my tip jar if you want to throw some money my way 😉)

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