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Small Smokey Quartz Chunks


Embrace the grounding force of Smokey Quartz – protectors against negative energies. Let their intense energy shield your aura and bring stability to your journey.

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Dive into the smoky depths of these Small Smokey Quartz Chunks. These robust guardians absorb and transmute negative energies, ensuring your energetic field remains clear and protected. Holding these chunks in your hands, you’ll feel an instant sense of stability and grounding.
Smokey Quartz acts as a powerful shield, dispelling stress, anxiety, and negativity from your path. It serves as a steadfast companion, promoting resilience and endurance in the face of life’s challenges. Keep these chunks close by during times of emotional upheaval or when you need an anchor amidst the storm.

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 2 cm
Crystal Shape


Crystal Type

Smokey Quartz


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