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Large Clear Quartz Tower


Elevate your crystal collection with the Large Clear Quartz Tower – a majestic beacon of clarity and divine energy. Let its pristine radiance purify your space and amplify your intentions.

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Behold the grandeur of this Large Clear Quartz Tower, a magnificent pillar of pure clarity and spiritual power. As you gaze upon its crystal-clear form, you’ll feel an instant connection to the infinite wisdom held within.
Clear Quartz, the master healer and amplifier, channels divine energy into your space, creating a sanctuary of purity and purpose. Place this tower in a prominent position to radiate its cleansing vibrations throughout your environment. Its pointed tip acts as a conduit, directing your intentions and prayers to the heavens above.
Allow the ethereal glow of this tower to envelop you, purifying your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you seek guidance, protection, or simply a space of serenity, the Large Clear Quartz Tower stands tall as a symbol of crystal clarity and unwavering strength.

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 10.5 cm
Crystal Shape


Crystal Type

Clear Quartz


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