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Journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool to help boost your mental health, turbo-charge your meditation/spiritual practice, or just organise your thoughts after a long day.

While free writing can and is incredibly helpful, if you’re anything like me if you want to make journalling a regular habit, sometimes we need a prompt or two to help us along the way. With that in mind, I’ve created daily journal pages that you can use to help you keep track of how you’re doing day to day or week to week. These are available either to download, or in a gorgeous 120 page printed form, including unique illustrations inside matching the cover. For more information, see below.

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printed journals

If you prefer putting pen to in-the-flesh paper, then you will LOVE my collection of printed journals. Whether you get this for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, each 120 page journal has a page for each day in the week, plus a weekly check-in page, allowing you to keep track of habits and thoughts on both a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

Or, if you prefer more of a blank slate, check out my lined journals featuring unique illustrations and plenty of space for you to fill with whatever you like.

digital journal pages

Check out my collection of digital journal pages, available in PDF format great for both printing or use with your favourite digital notes app. For more information or to download please click below.

All the digital journal pages I have created are available in PDF format, both individually and as part of the all journal pages bundle. For more information about each of the options, please see below.

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Forming a daily practice of journalling can be incredibly difficult at first. I created a handy daily and weekly journal page template that you can print out, or use with your favourite digital note taking app.

I’ve also put them together into a handy eight page, 7-day template including the weekly check in page, as well as a daily journal for each day of the week.

Woman using iPad Pro 5 | Watchful Soul

Our health is one of things that we all too often neglect to take care of until something breaks. These full-body and mental health check in sheets are great for keeping track of how your body and brain are feeling over time.

Download and import into your favourite note taking app on your tablet, or them off to give your body and mind a well needed check-in!

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For those looking to take their daily practice to the next level, try these handy morning and evening pages journals, each featuring four prompts to help you to process the day ahead or just gone, as well as space to do some free writing.

Download on their own, or as a bundle of the two, for printing or digital use.

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