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Tarot Readings

My name is Gord. I’m an intuitive tarot card reader, meaning I use the cards in conjunction with my own intuition to offer affordable and accurate intuitive tarot readings. Readings with me will give you guidance and fresh perspectives to help you navigate difficult, confusing, or liminal spaces in your life. If you’d like to see the tarot readings I have available, please click here or read on below.

Tarot is a tool for understanding yourself, gaining insight into situations, and navigating the turbulent waters of life. The power comes not from the cards themselves, for they started as a mere game, rather the power comes from the person who is reading the cards connecting with their intuition. Each card represents a perspective, a stage in life, or an archetype, and can provide a mirror for us to see ourselves or our situations in a fresh light.

One of my goals here at Watchful Soul is to make tarot readings accessible to everybody. For that reason, payment is available on a sliding scale for BIPOC and queer individuals, as well as those on low incomes. Please contact me if that applies to you and we can work something out.

Please click one of the options below for more information on the types of readings I offer. If you’d like the learn more about tarot, please see the links below.

gord 2 | Watchful Soul

what kind of tarot reading is best for me?

Here at Watchful Soul, I offer readings in three different formats – recorded, email and live.

Recorded readings are available in audio or video, and are delivered within 24 hours of ordering. Once the reading has been completed you will be able to download the audio/video file and a pdf containing a photo of your cards from your order page.

Every emailed reading will be delivered via a pdf downloaded from your order page, consisting of a photo of the cards pulled as well as a detailed interpretation of the meaning in relation to your question.

If you’ve never had a live tarot reading online before, fear not! My live tarot readings take place on Zoom, you will receive a link for the call once your order has been confirmed. During live readings we’ll keep things conversational, and I try to make things as light as possible. (Without sugar-coating!) Sometimes things may get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

Every recorded and live reading will include a personalised calming meditation inspired by the cards pulled, to help you ground into the present moment and be empowered to transform your life.

Whichever format you choose, readings are available at three different levels, direct, deep dive and detailed. Read on below for more information about each one.

direct tarot readings
Three to five cards
  • Perfect for people new to tarot readings
  • Great for simple questions
  • Bring clarity to complex situations
  • Helpful for checking in on ongoing situations on a regular basis
deep dive tarot readings
Six to nine cards
  • Dive deep into one specific area of your life
  • Get a detailed insight into a situation, with actionable steps to move forwards
  • Choose between
    • Self Care
    • Relationships
    • Career
    • Decision Making
    • or let me know your own question
detailed tarot readings
Ten or more cards
  • Largest spread – can be applied to almost any situation
  • Provides a deep level of insight into situations
  • Is flexible: can be applied to a wide range of situations
  • This is the best reading to use if you want to simplify a complex or convoluted matter into easy-to-digest pieces

live stream Tarot Readings

I also offer free 3 card tarot readings on my TikTok feed, so if you are looking for free love tarot readings, tarot readings for work, or are just a fan of online tarot readings, then join me there. I go live on TikTok or Twitch most days, offering mini tarot readings, yes or no questions, and a safe space to come and be yourself.

Book in Person – Tarot Reading Near Me

I occasionally am available for in-person readings at local events and psychic fairs in Manchester. Subscribe to my mailing list for updates and to be the first to know when these will be. If you’re interested in booking me please send me a message!

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Tarot Resources

My resources
  • My Blog – My personal blog, a mixture of thoughts about tarot, spirituality and whatever else is on my mind (when I remember to write in it!)
  • Tarot Spreads – A collection of my favourite tarot spreads, including career, love, relationships and over thirty three-card spreads.
Websites/Online shops
  • Biddy Tarot – Excellent resource both for those new to tarot and for tips to improve your tarot readings.
  • Little Red Tarot – Indie tarot & oracle decks, featuring an incredible selection of decks from artists from POC and LGBTQIA artists.
  • Tarot’s Cool Online Course – an incredibly accessible and introductory course from the wonderful Kevin Garcia. Featuring gorgeous meditations, weekly journals and tips to improve your readings, this course will help you learn to read tarot cards like a pro!
  • The Wootique – Indie tarot & oracle decks and unique supernatural supplies.
Books/Tarot Decks (Affiliate Links)
  • Modern Witch Tarot Deck – From Lisa Sterle, Modern Witch Tarot is a magical take on traditional tarot symbolism, inspired by fashion and modern witches from every walk of life.
    • Spark your imagination, seek your inner wisdom and discover your true power.
    • Full 78-card tarot deck with hardcover introductory booklet.
  • Modern Witch Tarot Journal – this is far more than a journal or guidebook.
    • Sections on…
      • CARD MEANINGS: build your own personal reference guide and log your reflections on each card
      • TAROT READINGS: record your readings and interpretations, with space both for shorter and more complex readings to track your personal growth!
      • TAROT SPREADS: collect your favourite spreads and learn how to create your own
      • TAROT DECKS: keep track of your tarot deck inventory, wish list and deck interviews
      • BOOKS AND ONLINE RESOURCES: record all your favourite tarot books, blogs, Insta-witches and more
      • TAROT CIRCLE: a directory of the people in your tarot circle, professional readers, meetings and events an organised coven is a happy coven
    • Lavishly illustrated with all-new full-page colour artwork by Lisa Sterle, Modern Witch Tarot Journal has a soft faux-leather cover with the Modern Witch logo embossed on the back. Use it with Modern Witch Tarot, or any of your favourite tarot decks!
  • Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck – This colourful offering from Grace Duong provides you with a stunning tarot deck that is vibrant, beautifully illustrated, and ready to help you connect to your intuition.
    • Includes 78 brightly designed cards with a hardcover guidebook: This deluxe tarot deck offers fresh interpretations of each of the major and minor arcana in a standard tarot deck. Mystic Mondays are full of positive vibes that invite you to start fresh any day of the week and help you connect to your intuition.
      • This vibrant tarot deck features bright artwork, holographic card edges, and a foil exterior to help you create an experience that is visually appealing and all your own.
      • A full-colour guidebook that describes the symbolism of each card is also included.
      • Mystic Mondays was created by Grace Duong who is a multidisciplinary artist and visual designer.
    • This tarot card set features the strikingly perfect balance of vibrancy and minimalism and is perfect to use however you see fit.
    • Cards are large enough to appreciate the lively images, but still easy to shuffle and work with.
    • Makes a delightful and mystical gift for any tarot card and arcana fan.
  • Queer Tarot Deck – A vibrant, deluxe illustrated tarot deck and guidebook set, centring and celebrating LGBTQ+ identity, created by queer and trans artist team Ash + Chess.
    • AN INCLUSIVE, AFFIRMING DECK: Queer Tarot is a bright, bold interpretation of the tarot that offers inspiration, affirmation, and LGBTQ+ representation. Created by queer and trans artists Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham of Ash + Chess, this reimagining of the classic figures in the Major and Minor Arcana showcases a wide range of gender expressions and sexual orientations, and incorporates queer history and iconography throughout. 
    • DELUXE SET: This set includes 78 full-colour illustrated tarot cards (3 X 5 inches), shrink wrapped in an interior travel case; a 168-page, full-color illustrated flexibind book (4 3/4 X 6 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box with metallic foil accents. Cards and travel case are embedded in an interior flocked tray.
    • FULLY ILLUSTRATED TAROT GUIDEBOOK: The flexibind guidebook provides an illustrated introduction to the tarot, with LGBTQ+ descriptions and suggested interpretations for each card, as well as instructions for sample readings and a brief history of tarot. 
    • VIBRANT FULL-COLOR ART FROM ASH + CHESS: Queer Tarot features Ash + Chess’s signature colorful, risograph-style illustrations, including retro color palettes and bold, detailed figures.
    • ALL CARDS BASED ON REAL, DIVERSE MODELS: Each card in Queer Tarot is based on real LGBTQ+ folx commissioned for this project by Ash + Chess. The deck celebrates a full range of races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, sizes, and abilities.
    • A PERFECT GIFT: This joyful, inclusive, and beautiful tarot deck set is an ideal gift for tarot novices, seasoned readers, queer folx of all ages, and their allies. 
  • Tarot: Connect With Yourself, Develop Your Intuition, Live Mindfully – an incredibly easy-to-access book from Tina Gong.
    • Find out how to customize, interpret and apply the wisdom of tarot to enhance every area of your life – your career, finances, relationships, and more.
    • Get to know each card in detail – meet The Magician, who encourages you to trust in your abilities; connect with the nurturing instincts of The Empress; feel the confidence of The Chariot – and explore the meanings of each card for you.
    • Discover how tarot readings can illuminate your unique path and lead to tangible, positive actions that you can apply day to day. 
    • Let Tarot guide you on a journey of self-knowledge and self-fulfilment.
  • Tarot’s Cool by Kevin Garcia – A Beginner’s Guide to Reading The Cards by Kevin Garcia.
    • If you’re a Tarot newbie, this is the perfect guidebook to begin your journey of learning deeply about this practice and your Self. Created with the new learner in mind, Tarot’s Cool is an uncomplicated, incredibly practical approach to the Tarot as a tool for self-reflection, finding inner wisdom, and letting go of the shit you have been holding on to for too long.


WTF is Tarot?

Tarot is a system of 78 cards, dating back to the 14th century, that has been used for centuries for divination and cartomancy. But more than that, it’s a tool for understanding yourself, gaining insight into situations, and navigating the turbulent waters of life. The power of tarot comes not from the cards themselves, for their origins lie in simple playing cards. Rather, the power comes from the act of the person reading the cards connecting with their intuition. Each card represents a perspective, a stage in life, or an archetype, and can provide a mirror for us to see ourselves or our situations in a fresh light. Learn more.

So… Are you a medium or something?

No, I’m not. Some tarot readers may claim to be able to communicate with those that have passed or offer mediumship readings, but that is not where my gifts lie. I aim to interpret the meaning of the cards in a way that enables you to explore your inner feelings and discover your future path. I am very intuitive thanks to my spiritual upbringing and meditation practice, but I am not a medium… sorry!

Isn’t tarot evil or satanic or something?

Certainly not. There’s nothing to fear when getting a tarot reading (u003cemu003enot with me anywayu003c/emu003e). Tarot is a tool, like meditation that we will use to help you find some clarity in your life. I won’t be inviting any spirits or ghosts or demons. Just me, you and some cards with nice pictures on them.

OK, I’m interested… But what should I expect?

If you’ve never been to an intuitive tarot reader or online psychic, then it’s understandable to be nervous. We’ll start with a quick introduction where I’ll explain how the spread you’ve chosen will work, which deck we’re using, etc. I will then pull the cards, and give you my interpretation and reflection, seeing what messages come up. I usually end with a meditation. I try to make things as light as possible, sometimes things get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

Can you do your own tarot reading?

Yes! Absolutely, reading tarot for yourself is a fantastic way to keep your mental and spiritual life in check. If you’d like information about how to read tarot for yourself, please see the Tarot Resources

should I believe TikTok tarot readings?

A simple look on the TikTok tarot reading Reddit will tell you that there is a lot of controversy around tarot on TikTok. With any readings, I always say judge things with your own intuition. If something resonates, then absolutely take that on board and use the information the cards provide to transform your life. However, if it doesn’t feel like it’s fitting, don’t force things. No reader gets it right 100% of the time!

Are You Jesus?

I am who you say I am…
But, obviously no. A lot of people seem to ask me this, I’m not quite sure why as I’m pretty sure I look NOTHING like a first-century Palestinian man… I hate to break it to you, but if you’re looking for a Messiah or God to worship, I’m not the one for you – sorry! (You can still tithe to me if you like though, I have no issue with that. Head over to my tip jar if you want to throw some money my way, or join the collective 😉)

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