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Balls to the Wall Tarot Reading (In-Person)

£45.00 45 minutes+

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When you’re ready to dive headfirst into a specific area of your life and uncover hidden truths, the Balls to the Wall reading is your power move. With six to nine cards and a bonus oracle card, we’ll put a magnifying glass on your relationships, career, or any specific situation you want to explore. This reading provides straightforward and actionable steps to propel you forward with confidence. Whether you’re seeking to amplify self-love, make career moves, tackle tough decisions, or unravel the potential of future relationships, this reading offers fresh perspectives and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

When asking your question, please take the time to give me as much information as you can. While it might seem fun to test my skills by keeping things vague, the more information you can give me about your situation, the more clarity the reading will bring. If you’d like me to use a specific tarot spread during the reading, then please let me know at the time of booking.

what to expect – in-person readings

The reading begins with a short introductory chat where we can get to know each other and decide on the deck/spread we will be using. This is followed by a short meditation together. This allows us to ground ourselves and for our energies to connect. I will then draw some cards, tell you what’s coming up, and we’ll see what resonates. We usually end with a meditation based on the cards pulled, to help you ground into the present moment and be empowered to transform your life.

Above all, we’ll keep things conversational, and I try to make things as light as possible. (Without sugar-coating!) Sometimes things may get a bit emotional, but it’s always enlightening.

spread examples – balls to the wall reading

During the reading, I may utilise one or more tarot spreads to help provide structure and allow us to explore a question or situation from a variety of positions and points of view. Here are a couple of examples of some of the spreads I may use.

Career Reflection

If you’re looking for more clarity on work or career matters, this may be the spread for you. This can be helpful when you’re at a crossroads or feeling stuck in your career.

Career reflection spread e1666611755378 | watchful soul


A favourite spiritual tarot spreads, this is fantastic for checking in with emotions and can help to reflect on ways to take better care of yourself.

Self care spread e1666611796823 | watchful soul

Relationship Dynamics

Everybody loves a good love tarot reading. This spread examines a relationship and can help you work out what you need to create a strong emotional bond between yourself and your current or potential partner.

Relationship dynamics spread e1666611846362 | watchful soul

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45 Minutes

Reading Format

In Person Reading

Reading Length

Balls to the Wall (6-9 Cards + 1 Oracle)


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